Camerata Sonora brings to life music of medieval France and Germany in our spring concert on Saturday, March 28th at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Lo Gai Saber traces the influence of the troubadours and trobairitz, the Occitan poets whose style of music emphasizing themes of chivalry and courtly love flourished for roughly 200 years until religious and political conflict brought about its decline. Included on the program are works of Marcabru, Bernart de Ventadorn, the Comtessa de Dia, and other masters of this music.

The troubadour style was imitated by the Northern French trouvères, including the prolific and innovative composer Adam de la Halle, as well as Minnesängers of Germany, some of whose music is featured on the program. Also represented are earthy songs from the Carmina Burana codex, written by irreverent monks or “goliards” of the Benediktbeuern monastary.

A blending of old and new styles can be found in the Roman de Fauvel, a scathing satire of the French monarchy and Catholic clergy. We will perform excerpts from the story of Fauvel, a literal ass who rises from the stable to become the ruler of France, vainly attempting to woo Lady Fortune along the way. Also well known for his works bridging old and new traditions is composer Guillaume de Machaut, whose music rounds out our concert.

This eclectic program is infused with drama and humor that will appeal to music lovers of all ages. Please join us for this exciting, unique concert. Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door.

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